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Aaaaand they will disbar a lawyer QUICK but these cops get paid vacation.

All I’m saying is you need a master’s to be a social worker, but you can be a cop with a high school diploma. Like, on what fucking planet do that make sense?

Cops don’t have to know the law.

There was a supreme court decision recently that a cop is not falsely detaining someone if they’re doing something the cop reasonably believes is against the law, even if it’s actually legal. I think the specific case was about someone driving with a broken taillight in a state where a car is street-legal so long as at least one of its taillights works.

Meanwhile, as a civilian, ignorance of the law is not a defense.

Cops are not required to know the laws they enforce. You are required to know every law you might conceivably break. But then, of course, if you backtalk a cop because you have better knowledge of the law than they do, and they respond violently, good luck winning that.

Hair stylists go through a longer period of education and stricter licensing with violations in the state of California than cops do.

That’s because the system was made for uneducated white men to enforce policies of rich land holding white men against black people for extra profits and reproduction of the idea that whites are superior. Policing is a farce. The police don’t actually care about the law or if they did, more whites would be under the jail than anything.

Law school is 3 years. Cops still suck but no ones in law school for 8 years

^^ I was gonna say…

4 years undergrad + 3-4 in law school

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