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white actors: dropped out of school to pursue acting, told a joke once, got discovered  and starred in a blockbuster

actors of colour: attended tisch julliard rada, studied acting for years, did othello, joined a theatre “for people of their ethnicity”, did hamlet, auditioned for everything, did macbeth, won prestigious theatre award that no one cares about, got their big break delivering one line in a blockbuster

Actors of color: still got to change their names to get good roles

Actors of color: have to accept stereotypical roles or bastardise their own cultures

Actors of color: have to wait while white actors tell them to “wait for their turn” because there’s always something more important to do before hiring them

Actors of color: get their careers destroyed over the smallest things while white actors get 2 million second chances

White actors: “yeah I was standing near a truck and some guy told me ‘you look hot, hired’ and now im a millionaire”.

Actors of color: have roles meant for them get taken by white people and get told “why does race matter? the actor with the most talent should get it”
Actors of Color: have roles that SHOULD be for them but have casting descriptions looking for only white people and are turned away when they audition for them
Actors of Color: struggle to find a role not looking for specifically white people
White Actors: “oh yeah, i just got offered this role for a character with a japanese name for this adaptation of an anime and i couldnt pass it up, you know? Lol”

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