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i know a lot of you don’t give a fuck about latinos issues, but venezuela may or may not be entering in a TOTAL dictatorship tomorrow, and i’m so fucking angry, i’m so sad…i’m not venezuelan i’m argentinian and i’m so angry because we can’t do shit to help our venezuelan friends we can do nothing to help the people from venezuela we can just PRAY that everything will okay and venezuela can kick maduro’s ass out of their country, so CAN YOU [THE REST OF THE WORLD] JUST HELP US, LATINOAMERICA, PRAYING FOR VENEZUELA??? please, i’m losing my shit out here because i don’t have not a single way to contact my venezuelan friend and i’m fucking worried. sorry for swearing i’m really freaking out

Fifteen people died in riots yesterday (July 30, 207) alone. People are literally starving to death, not because they don’t have any money, but because there simply isn’t any food in supermarkets across the country. The shelves are completely bare - no food, no water, no toilet paper, no nothing.

This isn’t a political crisis anymore. It’s a humanitarian crisis. And it pisses me off that people don’t care about it as much as they would if this wasn’t happening in a Latinamerican country. You KNOW this wouldn’t have gotten this far if it was France, or the UK, or Canada. But because the people suffering are Latinos, the global community doesn’t give a shit, and that directly leads to people dying.

#listen I’m Colombian and the horror stories we hear about what’s going on at the border chill me to the bone#please do whatever you can to help Venezuela

do you know of anything those of us living in north america or elsewhere can do to help?  if not that’s totally fine it’s not your responsibility at all, just wondering since you are a lot closer geographically to what’s happening than i am.

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