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Women can be trash and abusive as well.


This statement is taken so lightly. For one women don’t believe they can be abusive and the view of society on men prohibits the fact that a woman could successfully mentally, physically and emotionally abuse a man.

I went through all the notes. And a lot of y'all faves don’t even like or reblog things like this

^^^ because they’re the women that this post is about.

This is very important

A lot of men are emotionally and mentally abused by women under the guise of “if you love me then you’ll accept me as I am” and “you’re not man enough to handle a strong woman like me”. A lot of men put up with emotional and mental abuse from women simply because they believe it’s a measurement of their manhood how much they can endure and there are women who know that. They manipulate the emotional and mental playing fields to entice conflict so they can be the victim and cause the man to break down and be easily used and treated how she sees fit….

It’s a very dangerous thing, mental and emotional abuse because it’s so easily masked behind other things

Faaacts 🗣

I was literally just talking with a dude today, a professional who came out to inspect for termites, who let me know he’s going through a divorce.  He chose to leave.  He said his wife pressured him into quitting his job, controlled the finances and tried to prevent him from taking any of the money he earned when he left, hated his family and friends and tried to cut him off from seeing them, and pulled a bunch of manipulative shit to try and stop him from leaving and keep him home, without a social life.

He was the type of person who’d say ‘fuck this’ and get out of that relationship.  But not everybody is that time.  Some are more vulnerable than others.  Men can be manipulated, bullied, coerced, and abused.

I’ve been manipulated and abused by women and I am a woman. I know what those kinda people are capable of. Women can be toxic as well, know the signs and check that bihh before you dip

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