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July 30 2017

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Found this on Facebook! BOOST!

Tell Etsy that #ThisIsNotNative

This is why I stopped selling on Etsy. I got really sick and tired of all that nonsense.

This is why I scrutinize the shit out of Etsy shops before I buy from them.

July 28 2017

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Solomon’s Shield is the name of the app

OMG Download this!!!! Stop Police Brutality!




sending “I hope you get that job” vibes to the people out here tryna get jobs

reblogging for yall bc the shit worked for me lol

Karma will pop me if I don’t

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so is Victory


Don’t forget Truth (Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind)

This must be why the Trump administration hates them all 

The Four Horsewomen of the Trumpocalypse.

I’ve never reblogged anything so quick

The Ultimate Squad, comin’ to wreck your shit and save the world

Rb for that art doe

July 19 2017


the older i get the more i understand the weird shit my grandma says like she say “some people have never cleaned a bathroom in their life and it shows when they speak” and honestly? tea.

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This scene is so important.

July 14 2017

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Issa blender


Everyone is freaking out about Donald Trump Jr because he openly admitted to colluding with Russia on behalf of his father’s campaign, and meanwhile all I can think about is that scene in Goblet of Fire where they’re in court and the witness is like “it was Barty Crouch….” [dramatic pause] “…Junior!” and everybody gasps

July 13 2017

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This interview is indicative of the casual racism and sexism which says ‘black women aren’t really people’.  Shout out to Murray correcting it.  

July 06 2017

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For all the whovians out there.

Social workers have two hearts ;)




white actors: dropped out of school to pursue acting, told a joke once, got discovered  and starred in a blockbuster

actors of colour: attended tisch julliard rada, studied acting for years, did othello, joined a theatre “for people of their ethnicity”, did hamlet, auditioned for everything, did macbeth, won prestigious theatre award that no one cares about, got their big break delivering one line in a blockbuster

Actors of color: still got to change their names to get good roles

Actors of color: have to accept stereotypical roles or bastardise their own cultures

Actors of color: have to wait while white actors tell them to “wait for their turn” because there’s always something more important to do before hiring them

Actors of color: get their careers destroyed over the smallest things while white actors get 2 million second chances

White actors: “yeah I was standing near a truck and some guy told me ‘you look hot, hired’ and now im a millionaire”.

Actors of color: have roles meant for them get taken by white people and get told “why does race matter? the actor with the most talent should get it”
Actors of Color: have roles that SHOULD be for them but have casting descriptions looking for only white people and are turned away when they audition for them
Actors of Color: struggle to find a role not looking for specifically white people
White Actors: “oh yeah, i just got offered this role for a character with a japanese name for this adaptation of an anime and i couldnt pass it up, you know? Lol”


do you ever eat some disappointing junk food and it’s like… i’m clogging my arteries for THIS?

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You can paint it in any color, but it’s unlikely that anything will change.

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July 03 2017


some of yall out here using she pronouns for drag queens before using she pronouns for trans women

June 17 2017

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