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September 26 2017

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This is so creative

After applying for about 100 jobs and not even got an interview

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piece of advice from an old tumblr person: if you are a woman and you are dating a man, do not settle down with, cohabitate with, or marry a man who needs you to do basic things to take care of him. like, if he can’t cook food for himself, go shopping, do laundry, clean a house, keep his own calendar, make his own doctors’ appointments, fill out his own forms, do his own taxes, etc. you are setting yourself up for a relationship full of you caring for another adult like a child.

partners help EACH OTHER. sometimes people have very valid reasons they can’t do those things, but they should also help YOU with things that are hard for you and easy for them, whether it’s basic emotional support, chores, paperwork, making phone calls, etc. if they say they ‘don’t know how’ to do something and expect you to do it instead of learning how to do it, they are not worth your time.

if your male partner’s parents did not prepare him to take care of himself, do not become his second mother. find a partner who can take care of you as much as you take care of him, and can take care of himself as well as you take care of yourself.

and if that means being single forever, get yourself a cat and lean in, because being a grown-ass man’s second momma is a bitch and a half. I’m married to a fairly fucking aware feminist-identified man and he still can’t take care of himself for shit and it is the one major source of tension in our marriage and it has led to so much tension now that I’m in med school that I have repeatedly seriously contemplated divorce. It’s not a small issue, it’s not trivial. You are a PERSON, not an endlessly nurturing selfless machine. You deserve to have your own story, not be picking up socks in someone else’s.

I’ve been in a relationship where I “mothered” my boyfriend and it was the most frustrating thing in the world. It wasn’t romantic. It wasn’t cute. It was annoying and it drove me crazy. I still cannot believe how incapable an almost grown ass man can be. Do NOT settle for immaturity and laziness.

September 25 2017

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I hate this, currently in this fucking situation

September 21 2017



blease be quiet


Bitch* be quiet

September 20 2017

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Taking time for myself after this week

September 15 2017

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Handsome bae

September 07 2017

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Spending all day in here

September 06 2017

Seattle police shot Charleena Lyles seven times, autopsy finds


Charleena Lyles






September 01 2017

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August 31 2017

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Congrats California for looking forward.

So proud of Cali right now.

August 28 2017



Decor aesthetic goal for my future home: “the village witch lives here, but she’s a good witch. probably. we think.”

✨🌿achievement unlocked🌿✨

August 27 2017


*remembers im attracted to men* unfortunate 

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Living Alone by Yaoyao Ma Van As.

August 26 2017

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John Lewis staging a sit-in Nashville in the 1960s v John Lewis staging a sit-in in Washington in 2016

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Dsmn 99, she’s a baller.

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